Y’all sleeping on this classic

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See, Black parents don’t play, they react with a quickness. Swift and deadly ._.


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I get really sad whenever I see pictures of animals in their old age (talking about my animals and being sad under read more, etc.)

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Ooh pumpkin-ish pancakes sounds great

oh they are! recommend, at least an 8/10, but sometimes i think they’re something you kinda have to be in the “mood” for or else they kinda seem disappointing tbh

Throw some chocolate chips in there

omg i would if i had some. broke college kid lyfe u know

i still got some pumpkin spice powder creamer stuff

i might put some of that in??? not sure tho



This entire blog is like a sad, sad diary.

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Kik: Maybe if you ask nicely I'll tell you pero like, if all you're gonna do is send me unsolicited sexual messages, then nah, don't bother asking porque, like, on a for reals level, that is so rude. I get enough of that nonsense on OKC tbh

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